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Welcome to Office of the Auditor General

The Office of the Auditor General’s (OAG) is the "watchdog" of public spending in the Cayman Islands. It is lead by the Auditor General whose role and responsibilities are set out in the Cayman Islands Constitution and the Public Management and Finance Law. The OAG carries out its duties on behalf of the Legislative Assembly and ultimately the people of the Cayman Islands.


By reporting the results of our audits to the Legislative Assembly, we help hold government and public bodies to account for the way they use public money, thereby safeguarding the interests of citizens. In addition, our work aims to help public service managers improve performance and service delivery.

05 201810:55 pm

Workforce Planning and Management in the Cayman Is...

The Cayman Islands Government needs to better plan its workforce to achieve its ambition of becoming...
03 20185:16 am

Gov't Use of Consultants and Temporary Staff

Government needs to better demonstrate value for money from its use of consultants. The Auditor Gene...
02 20189:05 pm

Auditor General seeks views on programme of perfor...

The Auditor General is requesting the public to provide input to her Office’s (OAG) new performanc...
01 201812:03 pm

General Report 30 June 2015 & 2016

This report summarises the results of the audits of the 42 public sector entities in the Cayman Isla...
10 20173:45 pm

Major Capital Projects - Follow Up Report

This report measured Government's progress in addressing the issues raised in the 2012 and 2015 OAG ...
08 201710:48 am

OAG Quarterly Report to 30 June 2017

The Auditor General reports on activities of the OAG for the quarter to 30 June 2017
07 20173:27 pm

Follow-up on past PAC recommendations Report issue...

The Cayman Islands Government has been slow to implement the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) rec...
07 201710:46 am

Governance in aviation bodies – Summary of key f...

AG releases summary of key findings on Governance in Aviation Bodies review covering Cayman Airways,...
05 20173:09 pm

OAG Quarterly Report as at 31 March 2017

The Auditor General released the 31 March 2017 OAG Quarterly Report and has made the report public....
05 20173:05 pm

OAG Quarterly Report 31 December 2016

The Auditor General tabled the 31 December 2016 OAG Quarterly Report with Public Accounts Committee ...
05 20173:17 pm

Cayman Islands Health System Public Interest Report

The Auditor General released the Cayman Islands Health System public interest report in conjunction ...
01 201710:33 am

Ensuring Quality Health Care and a Healthy Population

Government action needed to improve management of health system and expenditures. Today the Auditor ...
01 20176:06 am

Physicians and Dentists Survey

In conducting the work for the two health care reports made public today, the Office of the Auditor ...
12 201610:01 am

OAG Quarterly Report 30 September 2016

The Auditor General tabled the 30 September 2016 Quarterly Report with Public Accounts Committee and...
11 201610:39 am

Review of Scrap Metal Removal Contract

Today the Auditor General released her public interest report on the Review of Scrap Metal Removal c...
10 20161:12 pm

OAG Annual Report 30 June 2016 made public

On the 7 October 2016 the Annual Report of the Office was tabled in the Legislative Assembly by the ...
07 20165:41 pm

Sue Winspear starts her new job as Auditor General...

Sue Winspear commenced her new job as Auditor General of the Cayman Islands on 8 July 2016. She succ...
04 20162:24 am

Office of Auditor General's 2015 Annual Repor...

The Office of Auditor General's 2015 Annual Report was made public this week when it was tabled in t...
04 20163:01 pm

RFP - Tender to audit OAG Financial Statements

The Office invites eligible companies to submit tenders to audit the financial statements of the Off...
04 20165:25 pm

New Auditor General Named

Her Excellency the Governor, Ms. Helen Kilpatrick, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Sue...
11 201511:33 am

Acting AG Releases Report on F/S of the Ministry, ...

The report provides a summary of the audit opinions on those financial statements of Ministry, Portf...
11 201511:32 am

Acting AG Releases Report on F/S of SAGCs

The report provides a summary of the audit opinions on those financial statements of SAGCs and the a...
10 201512:30 pm

Financial and Performance Reporting: EPS for the ...

The Auditor General's report details the findings in providing an adverse audit opinion on the EPS 3...
10 20151:59 pm

Collecting Government Revenues

The Office made public today the report on "Collecting Government Revenues" which identified areas w...
10 201512:18 pm

Government IT Security Report Released

The Auditor General released his report on Government IT Security indicating Government is not doing...
09 20152:20 pm

Auditor General Resigns

The Auditor General, Mr. Alastair Swarbrick, has written to Her Excellency the Governor to offer his...
08 201511:59 am

Auditor General highly critical of the Nation Buil...

The Auditor General, Alastair Swarbrick, made public today a report on the management of the Nation ...
07 201510:09 am

AG releases report on National Land Development & ...

There are several areas where the Government can improve how it manages lands in the Cayman Islands,...
07 201512:28 pm

AG releases report on Government Programmes Suppor...

Government programs for those in need are poorly managed, says Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick in...
07 201512:28 pm

AG releases report on Major Capital Projects - Bui...

Projects to construct high schools and build additions at four primary schools were badly managed by...
07 20159:21 am

OAG Strategic Plan 2015-2019

“This strategic plan provides a clear vision of where we want to be in five years and how we plan ...
05 20157:46 pm

OAG Quarterly Report 31 March 2015

The OAG has released it quarterly report for the quarter to 31 March 2015. This was recently provide...
01 201511:31 am

OAG Independence and Public Reporting

The Auditor General's position paper on OAG independence and public reporting, which discuses the OA...
01 20159:13 am

PAC hearing on travel audit - AG's Opening remarks

The Auditor General's opening remarks to the Public Accounts Committee hearing on the Management of ...
01 201512:00 pm

OAG Quarterly Report 31 Dec 2014

The OAG has released it quarterly report for the quarter to 31 December 2014. This was recently prov...
01 201512:16 pm

OAG Revised Performance Audit Programme

The Auditor General has published a revised performance audit programme for the three years 2015 to ...
11 20148:23 am

OAG Annual Report 2013/14

The OAG has published its annual report for the year ending 30 June 2014. The report was tabled in t...
11 20148:19 am

AG speech to Government PD week

The AG recently spoke at the Government Professional Development Week. In his speech he discussed th...
10 201412:02 pm

AG Report on Ministries, Portfolios and Office

The Auditor General released his report on the Financial and Performance Reporting: Ministries, Port...
10 20141:21 pm

AG Report on Statutory Authorities & Government Co...

The Auditor General released his report on the Financial and Performance Reporting: Statutory Autho...
10 20141:50 pm

OAG Quarterly Report 30 September 2014

The OAG has released it quarterly report for the quarter to 30 September 2014. This was recently pro...
10 20143:40 pm

Latest proactive disclosures released

The OAG released its latest proactive disclosures today for the six months to 30 June 2014, supporti...
06 201411:04 am

Auditor General reports on abuse and mismanagement...

The Auditor General’s report is very critical of Government’s management practices for approxima...
04 20142:17 pm

Entire Public Sector 2010-11 Financial Statements

The Entire Public Sector Financial Statements for the year ending 30 June 2011 were tabled in the Le...
03 20149:30 am

AG speeches from the UCCI Anti-Corruption Conference

The Auditor General recently spoke at the UCCI conference: Towards a Corruption Free Caribbean. He s...
01 20141:14 pm

Five Reports on Governance in the Cayman Islands G...

The Auditor General made public today five reports on Governance in the Cayman Islands Government. T...
11 20139:30 am

OAG Annual Report 2012/13

The OAG published today (27 November 2013) its annual report for the year ending 30 June 2013. The r...
11 20133:14 pm

JMC 2013 Communique supports the work of audit bodies

The communique for the 2013 Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council resolved to strengthen th...
11 20133:07 pm

International Fraud Awareness Week

International Fraud Awareness Week is here. Hundreds of businesses, agencies and other entities arou...
10 20139:02 am

Status update on financial and performance reporting

The Auditor General today (30 October 2013) released his latest update report on financial and perfo...
10 201311:38 am

OAG at the CayShop Expo 2013

Come and visit the OAG booth at the CayShop Expo at the Arc in Camana Bay, October 24th to 24th to l...
10 201310:24 pm

Congratulations to Martin Ruben on obtaining his FCGA

The Office of the Auditor General is pleased to announce that Martin Ruben has been awarded the pres...
01 201212:24 pm

UN General Assembly adoption of Resolution on Audi...

On 22 December 2011 the 66th United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution “Promoting the...
01 201210:54 am

Accounts Progress

The medias reaction to the latest progress report on Financial and Performance Reporting issued by t...
01 20129:39 am

Busy year ahead

Cayman News Service discusses the OAG's plans for the 2012
01 20122:17 pm

The release of OAG's 2009 report on Tempura

The Cayman Compass reports on delays in the release of the OAG's 2009 report on Operation Tempura...
11 201111:02 am

On Track

The Government of the Cayman Islands (the "Government") has achieved another milestone by submitting...
10 20113:48 pm

Support for auditor independence from UN member states

The Secretary General of INTOSAI recently presented a draft UN General Assembly resolution on streng...
09 201110:26 am

PMFL Amendments Pass

The Public Management and Finance Law is streamlined to remove complex reporting requirements
09 201110:27 am

Auditor General's deadlines met

In a first, all public sector entities have met a deadline required under the Public Management and ...
09 201110:25 am

Governor issues statement

The Governor has welcomed the Auditor General's second report on government procurement but expresse...
09 20114:52 pm

Deputy Governor Comments

"This report will prove a valuable resource and stimulus to efforts which were already being contemp...
09 20119:42 pm

Auditor General report leaked

The latest report from the Auditor General’s Office has been leaked ahead of its official release ...